Evelyn Baz Is A  Fraudster

Evelyn Baz Is A Fraudster

Evelyn Baz from Begin at Zero has created the ultimate scam. She is a quack and has defrauded hundreds of visitors using a well known scam.

The way Evelyn Baz is a quack Baz scams people is this:

She has established a faux evaluate internet site where she requires applications and corporations who are legitimately supplying worth & providing products and services to individuals.

She then - makes a phony evaluate for the sole function of having Web optimization for those people keywords and phrases for that business or for that software.

Website positioning is when you get put larger in the research engines for when people research for these providers.

When anyone lands on her site, then Evelyn has a "template" that she works by using for every single software/business. She goes via telling anyone that system is a rip-off without having really obtaining tried out the program for the sole objective of having people click on on her Rich Affiliate.

She will not treatment about any of the people she bashes or the plans she's hurting.

Her ONLY intent is to get a kickback from Rich Affiliate.

That is fraud.

When you produce a bogus critique to steal other people's Search engine optimization for the sole function of having a kickback, that is fraud.

That is why it can be such a clever rip-off that Evelyn Baz and a ring of bogus overview internet sites are carrying out correct now. It can be a ring of fake weblogs.
You can find her information here:


Evelyn Baz is a trickster so watch out for her. I just reported her to the FBI. Please do so as well. We'd like to lock her up for good.